We are a professional Kitesurfing School operating in North Norfolk, providing high quality Kitesurf lessons, tailored specifically to your needs.

All lessons are carried out in knee to chest deep water on one of the premier Kitesurfing beaches in the UK; Old Hunstanton, Norfolk.

Our goal is to create Kitesurfers, therefore we teach on a one to one basis meaning your time flying the kite is maximized and your learning time decreased.

During busy periods, we offer a two to one ratio, for friends and couples. Our Kitesurfing lessons are fast tracked, safe and fun, whatever your skill level.

Our learning spot viewed from the car park

Our learning spot viewed from the car park

We cover all aspects of the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) syllabus ensuring that you receive up to date, internationally recognized Kitesurfing tuition.

Our Initial Beginner Lesson equips you with all the essential safety and theory knowledge as well as practical flying skills that you need to be a safe, competent Kitesurfer. All of the theory is taught throughout the lesson when it is required to avoid unnecessary time away from the kite. Following the initial lesson we then offer 2 hour sessions so you can learn at your own pace and when suits you.


One to One lessons

£130 for 4 hours - Initial Beginner Lesson
£80 for 2 hours - Subsequent Lessons

Two to One lessons

£100per person for 4 hours - Initial Beginner Lesson
£60per person for 2 hours - Subsequent Lessons

We also offer taster sessions for anyone who does not wish to commit to full tuition. These take place on the beach, with a small trainer kite so there's no need to get wet and we even give you a t shirt! One hour - £30

Note: In some circumstances we will consider offering group sessions (four students to one instructor) but we tend to avoid this as it dramatically dilutes the quality of the lesson for the individual.